SUPER73 Charger 54.6V 3A

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Need a spare charger for those times you leave your charger at home or work? We'll get you plugged in with our 3 amp battery charger for all your charging needs. Keep your ebike fully charged at home or when out on your latest adventure.

  • Includes: 3 amp battery charger, 3 pin connection
  • Plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet
  • Charge time may vary based on battery capacity
  • The maximum range of a full charge depends on many variables: age of battery, slope, type of terrain, rider weight, speed, outside temperature, riding style, pedaling input, and tire pressure


  • L: 7in. W: 3.1in. H: 1.5in.

Battery Charger Guide

  • SUPER73-S1
  • SUPER73-S2
  • SUPER73-S2 X Indian
  • RSD X SUPER73-RX Malibu
  • SUPER73-RX Mojave
  • SUPER73-RX
  • SUPER73-R Brooklyn
  • SUPER73-R
  • SUPER73-ZX
  • SUPER73-Z Miami
  • SUPER73-Z Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-S Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-R Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-R Blackout SE
  • SUPER73-S Blackout SE
  • SUPER73-Z Blackout SE
  • SUPER73-Z Miami SE